Human Interaction with Nature

8/15/2017 – Connecting with nature isn’t anything new or a recent discovery. Humanity has had an instinctive connection with nature since the beginning of time. Being able to satisfy that need is important to your health and well-being. As living areas become more urbanized, our ability to connect with nature decreases. Many who live in highly congested cities have the poorest qualities of life because their connection to nature is severed. Here are a few reasons why it’s important for humanity to stay connected with nature.

Many urban communities are taking the time to plant trees and flowers around their neighborhoods in order to reconnect with nature. Such greenery improves more than just their quality of life, but improves your bond with your own community. Having a connection to nature in your own community helps you appreciate community values and can improve your own generosity. Natural environments can provide opportunities for families to connect and improve their family bonds with each other.

Wide open environments have a unique way of enhancing your natural five senses. Being surrounded by nature helps you become more in tune with your surroundings. Green or open space environments provide a sense of calmness that allows you to hear, smell, and see things that you normally wouldn’t be able to detect. Interacting with nature has been proven to increase your short and long term memory and improve your attention span.

Connecting with nature has positive effects on your overall health. Studies have shown that when patients are hospitalized, being near greenery actually increases recovery rates and makes them less dependent on medications and pain-relievers. Those who suffer stress and anxiety find that spending time around nature reduces their anger and depression. People who exercise or jog in natural environments feel more refreshed and productive than someone who jogs down city streets.

Callaway Gardens is a man-made landscaped resort and spa surrounded by a unique natural environment. Its gardens were created for educational, horticultural, and charitable purposes and are  owned by Carson Callaway Foundation, a non-profit company. Their mission to help humanity reconnect with nature in a manner that will not only benefit the individual but will benefit the surrounding environment. Callaway Gardens understands that history has had a dramatic impact on the environment by the choices made by humanity. They know that the choices humanity makes tomorrow will affect the environment in the future. Their programs and events offer opportunities for customers to reconnect with nature and find ways to preserve the natural environments within their own communities.

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Why Human Interaction With Nature is Important

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