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04/12/2017 – Spring is the season of bright greens after a fresh rain, friendly birdsong, and stopping to smell the roses that have started popping up to announce the vibrancy of the season. If you are looking for outdoor adventure ideas to help you and your family make the most of the spring season, then consider these things to do near Atlanta at Callaway Gardens.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

After being cooped inside during the winter season, greeted outside by the drab dull appearance of cool weather plants, it’s a nice and refreshing option to spring outside and take in the fresh green vibrancy of spring. Take an immersive nature walk or leisurely bike ride along our designated bicycle trail. Enjoy a nature photography class to get up close and personal with the natural world and see it through different eyes. Or, if you’re a birdwatching enthusiast, see how many native fowls you can spot on our trails!

Go Ziplining

If something a little more adrenaline-pumping is what you’re looking for, you and your family should consider ziplining with us! We offer a series of treetop obstacle course features and a ziplining challenge that have all been incorporated into the treetops around Mountain Creek Lake for your high-flying enjoyment.

Explore a Butterfly Sanctuary

You don’t have to travel to the remote reaches of the earth to experience its wonders. At Callaway Gardens, we offer a beautiful butterfly sanctuary. Our Day Butterfly Sanctuary is one of the largest conservatories in America, and it is here that you can see a lush display of plant and butterfly life up close. This sanctuary helps to preserve the vibrantly colored Blue Morpho Butterfly, which is on the watch list for species at risk, and which happens to be a gorgeous sapphire blue that’s a delight to see up close.

Play a Round of Golf

Perhaps you just want to take a stroll down the drive with your putter in hand, mulling over the mechanics of the game. At Callaway Gardens, you have the opportunity to take some space to breathe in the freshly mown grass and practice that drive swing. We provide access to golf carts for visitors, as well as gear if you’ve left yours at home, so that you can enjoy one of your favorite sporting pastimes in the vibrant spring air.

Try a Boating Outing

The creeks and rivers that run alongside Callaway Gardens provide a great opportunity for fishing. If you have a love for getting close to and cruising the open waters, this is your chance to do that on your own time. Or, for the adrenaline-driven, there are a number of high-octane water sports that visitors can participate in during the warmer months.

Whatever you may be looking for out of your springtime vacation getaway, Callaway Gardens can deliver. From our opportunities to get up close and personal with nature to our luxurious Lodge and Spa for winding down, we provide plenty of things to do near Atlanta that the whole family can enjoy. Book your next vacation at Callaway Gardens today!


Spring Outdoors: Nature Adventures to Make the Most of Spring

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