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10/11/2016 – If you’re planning the annual holiday party for your company, you’ll want to find a venue that has it all: great food, beautiful sites, and fun entertainment. When you choose a venue that offers something for everyone to enjoy, your employees will have a relaxing time bonding and enjoying the company of their coworkers. Your coworkers and their family members should have a magical time meeting Santa, sharing a meal, and looking at gorgeous holiday decorations. Whether you want a classic holiday party or something a little more unique, we can give your company event ideas near Atlanta that will please all of your guests and their family members.

Variety and Excitement

Many corporate event venues in Atlanta have a couple of rooms and menu items to choose from. With a larger and more diverse venue space, you can hold a party and even plan a retreat for special company VIPs, or clients. Playing sports, spending time outdoors, eating meals together, and listening to live music help employees get to know each other. We have tennis, golf, and Birds of Prey shows that will delight people of all ages. Having such a unique experience to close out the year and ring in the new boosts their esteem and opinion of the company they work for—the perfect recipe to increase morale and renew everyone’s enthusiasm!

Types of Buffets and Special Dining

With buffets and special dining events, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. People can serve themselves at our themed buffets, including the Friday Night Seafood Buffet or the Saturday Night Classic Southern Buffet. Even if employees have dietary restrictions, because we provide a variety of different dishes in our buffets, there will be something for everyone. You don’t need to worry about the sustainability of our dishes either.

Specifically for the holidays, we provide dining options that will take the taste buds to Sugarplum Land. Delicious holiday desserts and entrees will help your event feel festive and provide the perfect backdrop for employee recognition, gift exchanges, speeches, or any other corporate events that will help make your holiday party a great part of the year.

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Fantasy In Lights

For decades, we’ve put on holiday light shows that make the season magical. The lights rival and surpass any other holiday party venue near Atlanta, providing employee parties with a decoration that will live in the memories of employees for years to come. Trees, shrubs, and our buildings on site are decorated with twinkling icicle, string, and LED lights. You can plan your party so that the start will be when it’s still light outside, but after a short period of time the sun will set and everything will begin to glow.

Besides the festive light show, we also have a Christmas village with shopping and Santa Claus. Bringing your family to meet merry Saint Nick will make great memories. Unlike simple restaurant or park venues, Callaway Gardens gets fully into the spirit of Christmas with all of its food, entertainment, and events around the grounds. Come see how beautiful The Gardens lights up during the holidays!

Reasons to Plan Your Company Holiday Party at Callaway Gardens

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