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5/27/2015 – If you were young in the early 1980s and driving around in your first dream car with the radio cranked, you were listening to .38 Special.  Now, picture that same feeling of rock-n-roll abandon recaptured here under the stars at Robin Lake Beach when .38 Special takes the stage on Friday night June 26th.   Now make sure you’re there by booking your room and tickets now.

38 special stage

Imagine this:  you leave work early or take the Summer Friday off altogether, and you check-in to your reserved Callaway Gardens room after lunch.  You spend a lazy Friday afternoon exploring the Gardens or simply getting ready for the rocking night ahead.   At 6 p.m. you’re first in line for prime seating, enjoying dinner and more drinks under the late June setting sun cooled by the breeze off Robin Lake.   It’s starting to sound and feel like 1980 all over again just picturing it all.  Right?!  It’s almost like we can spot ourselves surging towards the band from the stage-front in this vintage 1981 concert pic…

38 special concert pic 81

We love to play ‘guess the set list’ and .38 Special makes it tricky given their run of hits throughout the 80s.  Maybe you fell in love and stayed that way to such heart-throbbing, beat-heavy songs like their mega hit “Hold On Loosely.”   We found this awesome live version of that anthem here and thought you might enjoy getting pumped and primed for the show as concert night nears.

Opening for .38 Special is Sam Koon an emerging star of Southern roots rock, a perfect set up.  By the time .38 Special hits the stage the real stars will also be blinking from above –  as the still-kicking stars from our rock-n-roll memories storm happily through their hits.  The almost perfect radio songs that were the soundtrack for our younger daze.  Go ahead: grab your tix here now. You know you want to… we know we do!

38 special now

The best part?  After the show’s glow begins to fade, you saunter slowly through the thinning crowd but instead of packing it up and driving home, you slip happily off to your Callaway Gardens room and let one more rock-n-roll memory take firmly hold deep into the late June Georgia country night.

So clear your weekend and tell work you need a little “me time” with your old rock-n-roll self.  Refresh the feeling with a tour through the .38 Special vintage music videos on their Vevo channel.  Make sure you’ve got the perfect date and your best outfits ready to rock.  The only thing we wish we could do – to make your mini-getaway absolutely perfect – is to let you borrow our favorite throwback muscle car for the occasion.

Dodge 70

But we can dream, can’t we?… Hold on, loosely – or not.

R U kidding?… .38 Special Here at Callaway!?

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