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07/07/2017 -Do you have a fantasy about arranging the perfect vacation for your family, so memorable that years later they still refer to it as the best vacation in their lives, and you’ve reached the status of superhero parent?

This fantasy can be real!

At Callaway Gardens Resort, you have so many activities to choose from that you’ll likely find a special one for each member of your family. Follow these steps to get started achieving superhero parent status. Create the most memorable vacation you ever had in a weekend trip from Atlanta, an extended stay in the Resort Lodge and Spa, or through a day pass.

  • Talk to each member of your family. Find out what their favorite summer activity is. Chances are, Callaway Gardens offers it.
  • Set some potential dates for your vacation and call to check on availability and a schedule of activities for when you plan to be there.
  • At the same time, check out the Callaway Gardens Resort website for a list of events for youths and adults all summer long. Look for wine tastings, live entertainment, and watersports competitions, among many others.
  • Day passes are available, but consider overnight stays in the lodge. When you stay in the lodge, you have free access to the resort during the day, an economical way to access all the activities. You may have so much fun you decide to buy an annual pass.
  • For a family, the   is a sure hit. It’s like summer camp for the entire family! You have the choice of 4, 5, 6, and 7 night stays. During the day, your kids ages 3 to 17 are busy learning from students from Florida State University and the Flying High Circus! The adults have the option of planned activities or going out on their own to enjoy activities and scenery in the 2,500-acre Gardens Resort. Adults and youth gather back together in the evening to enjoy group games, beach parties, or fun competitions. What a great way to spend a vacation, and your kids go home with circus skills!
  • For a quick vacation getaway, a weekend trip from Atlanta offers a refreshing change of scenery and a multitude of activities, or a restorative stay in the Callaway Gardens Resort Lodge and Spa. Bring your bicycle or rent one from us, and ride The Bicycle Trail for some exercise before you head home.

Callaway Gardens Resort is an ideal destination to create a memorable vacation. If you prefer, you can serve as your own activities manager, taking advantage of all the resort offers. At one of the 13 lakes, you can enjoy watersports such as world-class fishing, boating, kayaking, and swimming off the white sand beach. You could ride The Bicycle Trail, attend a concert, book a spa visit, or enjoy a beachside barbecue.

However you plan to enjoy Callaway Gardens, this is surely the quickest way for you to attain superhero parent status by creating a memorable vacation for the whole family. You may have so much fun that you decide to purchase an annual pass and make Callaway Gardens Resort your favorite vacation destination throughout the year.

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How to Make Your Summer Memorable

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