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04/05/2017 – Don’t put off your girls’ weekend! Warm steam, someone kneading the knots out of your shoulders, and your own luxurious lodgings close by—sounds like paradise. You can expect the royal treatment when you make a stay at The Lodge and Spa at Callaway Gardens. Here are a few wonderful treats that you can expect when you book a stay with us.

Personal Massages and Facials

What could be more of an escape than a personalized professional massage or facial? Taking your time to destress and see some of the tension and pressure of your life kneaded away can allow you the escape from the everyday that you and your partner have been waiting for. Get back on track in life by taking a break from the hustle and bustle while enjoying a pampering massage treatment. Also, you can revitalize your face through exfoliating, moisturizing facials that can send you back to your routine glowing and looking refreshed.

Living on Your Own Time

It’s easy to get stuck living inside of a routine, expecting the same things at the same time every day and adhering to set responsibilities. A spa vacation can allow you a chance to escape that world of responsibilities into a place of total rest, relaxation, and me-time. Linger as long as you want in the spa, or sleep in as late as you feel like and catch up on some rest. Whatever your priorities are, a Lodge and Spa trip is a chance for you to live according to your own schedule.

Relaxing Nature

Studies show that spending time around the natural wonders of the world can help calm your mind, refresh you from anxieties, and help your emotions stabilize and become more peaceful. Callaway Gardens is where you can have the best of both worlds: the high-quality spa and luxury lodge accommodations as well as the earthy nature trails and natural wonders of the surrounding landscape. Get a taste for resting in style in the midst of nature while relaxing here.

Comfortable Hotel Space

It’s great to have access to a luxury spa and the wonders of nature, but what about where you lay your head to rest at night? It helps if you can stay in an upscale hotel instead of pitching a tent in the woods. That’s true relaxation! The spas at Callaway Gardens provide easy, quick access to personal lodgings during your stay. You can get the best of both worlds when you make a getaway trip here.

Excellent Food

If you consider exceptional food to be one of the great comforts of life, then you’ll find a variety of quality, savory dining options at Callaway Gardens during your Spa and Lodge stay to keep you satisfied. Great food can make or break a trip—and in this case, it’ll be one more reason you get to feel pampered and refreshed.

When you choose to stay at The Lodge and Spa at Callaway Gardens, you’ll receive the highest end treatment, the most relaxing massages, and the bliss of living on your own time. What more could you ask for out of a refreshing girls’ getaway?

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